Our main products are Phosphonates, especially ATMP, HEDP and PBTC, which have already been registered 2010 under REACH for a tonnage band of more than 1,000 mt per year. This means we can import these three Chemicals without limitation. Carbohydrazide belongs also to our main products.

Please note:
For this website the product portfolio of
NANTONG UNIPHOS CHEMICALS CO., LTD. has been taken over.
But due to the REACH
Regulation (Regulation (EU) 1907/2006) and the
Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) there are many products (Biocides completely) which we can not offer anymore to customers in the EU.

Our products serve the following markets:

            • Acid Cleaner
            • Boiler Cleaning
            • Boiler Water Treatment
            • Bottle Washing Compounds
            • Cement Modification
            • Cooling Water Treatment
            • Cosmetics / Shampoos
            • Dairy Cleaners
            • Desalination Operations
            • Electroplating
            • Geothermal Water Treatment
            • Household Detergents and Cleaners
            • I & I Detergents and Cleaners
            • Metal Cleaners
            • Metal Finishing
            • Mining
            • Oilfield Water Treatment
            • Paper Recycling
            • Peroxide Bleach Stabilization
            • Pigment Dispersant
            • Pulp & Paper Bleaching
            • Scale Removal
            • Swimming Pools
            • Textile Applications
            • Vehicle Wash