Welcome at the website of UNIPHOS GmbH!

UNIPHOS GmbH is located in Ruesselsheim, Germany not far from Frankfurt. It’s a kind of EU subsidiary of the Chinese Water Treatment Chemicals manufacturer NANTONG UNIPHOS CHEMICALS CO., LTD. There is also UNIPHOS INC. in the USA, which is located in Oak Park, Illinois (close to Chicago). These three companies build together UNIPHOS CHEMICALS. In Europe and in the USA there is no production, the goods have been manufactured in the People's Republic of China.

Main products of UNIPHOS GmbH are the Phosphonates ATMP, HEDP and PBTC (which have already been REACH-registered in 2010 for the highest tonnage band of more than 1,000 mt per year) and Carbohydrazide.

UNIPHOS GmbH is active member and study co-owner of most studies at the Carbohydrazide REACH-Consortium.

UNIPHOS GmbH is mainly doing direct transit business with Full Container Loads (FCLs) shipped from China to Europe. But there might be also eventually the chance to acquire our main products from a stock in the EU. You can contact us to check if we have currently the goods you need in stock.

For customers who regularly buy from us, we can also offer to arrange a local stock as buffer and to shorten the lead times from approx. 2 month for direct shipments from China to approx. 7 days if there is sufficient material in stock.

The main products can also get supplied UK REACH-compliant to customers in the UK via UNIPHOS CHEMICALS due to a submitted DUIN for these chemicals. Or if there are DUINs for products from our portfolio already available on UK customer’s side, they can acquire and import the chemicals UK REACH-compliant by themselves.
Please contact us if you are interested, so that we can discuss the details. 

If you want to receive a price quotation or have questions, please contact us:

Eisenstr. 51
65428 Ruesselsheim


Tel.: +49 (0)6142 83699-05
Fax: +49 (0)6142 83699-68

Managing Director: Jens Torsten Gierlich