Our main products are Phosphonates, especially ATMP, HEDP and PBTC, which have already been registered 2010 under REACH for a tonnage band of more than 1,000 tonns per year. This means we can already import these three Chemicals without limitation.

UNIPHOS can also supply you with other Water Treatment Chemicals. Please have a closer look to all product categories. You can find them on the menu at the left side. All substances on this web page have been pre-registered under REACH.

Our products serve the following markets:

            • Acid Cleaner
            • Boiler Cleaning
            • Boiler Water Treatment
            • Bottle Washing Compounds
            • Cement Modification
            • Cooling Water Treatment
            • Cosmetics / Shampoos
            • Dairy Cleaners
            • Desalination Operations
            • Electroplating
            • Geothermal Water Treatment
            • Household Detergents and Cleaners
            • I & I Detergents and Cleaners
            • Metal Cleaners
            • Metal Finishing
            • Mining
            • Oilfield Water Treatment
            • Paper Recycling
            • Peroxide Bleach Stabilization
            • Pigment Dispersant
            • Pulp & Paper Bleaching
            • Scale Removal
            • Swimming Pools
            • Textile Applications
            • Vehicle Wash